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The experience to develop the trust in our innate healing power has been a kind of calling card to everything I am learning and sharing within my personal and working life. I believe the power to experience peace of mind is not in another but in ourselves.

If we are willing to bring whatever we are feeling, to the kind witness within us, we can see what thoughts are preventing us seeing the wide and wonderful landscape we are; and what stops us living in the present. This practice holds the key to seeing our true selves. This recognition extends to seeing those around us in a better light.  As we get a taste of this it becomes what we want more and more. I enjoy sharing the things I am learning with my clients. In the sharing I experience an exchange of healing as I realise after 30 years of client work, we are all on the same journey, to find peace and acceptance and fulfilment, whatever form of problem we are experiencing. I am grateful to everyone I have met on the way who have given me the opportunity to see beyond the story and behaviour where I recognise all of us are connected and are coming home to ourselves through our own unique experience.



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